So Timbaland Did Me Dirty ( Beatclub - Jamie Starr Submission )

 So after being super active in Timbaland's beat club discord and discord...

and stating in the chat that I really feel like timing and mood play into a lot of how he responds,

I was feeling super confident in my material, Hell, 3 artists he's played and liked I've been in contact with

for collaborations... So of course, I get to be the let's do one last one with Timbaland obviously in a rush 

and over it saying he's gotta go before he gets cursed out... I get a few seconds, get a "wooo" out of zayd 

and then immediately get the "go to sleep" song.  My only hope is Zayd lobbies for me to get a second

 shot next stream, because I've seen him do that for people that come up against the end of the stream or 

that Timbaland likes my Metapop submission and decides to at least wait for my beat to drop before 

rendering judgment.  Honestly, it kinda motivates me even more that I was given such little time and just 

sorta had no chance my vibe right now is "you're going to acknowledge my craftsmanship and skill"